Netcare Clinical Facilitator Vacancies 2024 Apply Now

Netcare Clinical Facilitator Vacancies

Netcare Clinical Facilitator Vacancies 2024. Career Opportunity: Clinical Facilitator at NetCare – Apply Online and Elevate Your Impact in Healthcare Logistics.

Netcare Clinical Facilitator Vacancies 2024 Apply Online 

Netcare Clinical Facilitator Vacancies 2024: Netcare has announced Clinical Facilitator Vacancies in their organization. Candidates who are interested in this job position can apply online through their portal by checking below details given in this article about Netcare Vacancies.

Netcare Clinical Facilitator 

NetCare, a cutting-edge healthcare institution at the forefront of patient-centered care, is actively seeking a skilled Clinical Facilitator to enhance our medical logistics team. As an Clinical Facilitator, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless flow of medical supplies, contributing to the optimization of patient care and the overall efficiency of our healthcare operations

Key Responsibilities: Jobfinders24 Co Za Clinical Facilitator at NetCare

Research activities
 Active involvement in research activities to discover new knowledge about products, processes, and
services, and then applying that knowledge to create new and improved products, processes, and
services that meet the academic market needs.
 Plan, organise, and active involvement in the process and production of all academic related projects.
 Develop and review evaluation and educational strategies.
 Motivate and encourage students to participate in research within their Scope of Practice.
 Audit and participate in quality improvement programmes to identify problems which may require

Accreditation activities
 Implement and maintain standards of health practice required from all accredited bodies and
appropriate health legislation.

 Draw up worked integrated learning (WIL) placement rosters for students.
 Monitor and manage student performance, hours and leave.
 Facilitate the marking of case studies and assignments in line with Netcare Education requirements.
 Load all results of clinical assessments and ensure accurate student clinical records are maintained on
the Learner Management System (LMS)

Academic committee related projects
 Plan, organise and ensure active involvement in the academic processes and production of all academic
related projects in collaboration with Netcare Education.

Teaching and learning facilitation
 Facilitate the work integrated learning of Netcare students within the context of the clinical model by
understanding, applying and maintaining adult learning methodologies, presentation techniques and
course content to ensure that students acquire skills to a quality and standard in line with student and
national qualifications requirements. Provides timely assessment of student progress through the
application of student evaluation techniques.
 Plan and support the development of student knowledge, skills, and capabilities by closely monitoring
progress on assignments and tests against performance targets to identify talent. Provides timely
guidance and feedback to help strengthen skill areas and leverage potential.
 Focus on quality orientation in all academic and clinical nursing processes.
 Understand, apply, and leverage IT & technology systems, tools and/or equipment to facilitate and
reinforce the learning process.
 Clearly convey information and ideas through a variety of educational strategies in a way that engages
students and helps them to understand and retain the message.
 Provide remedial teaching and academic support to students.
 Develop and control of a student support system.
 Supervise the progress of students in reaching learning objectives.
 Compile clinical progress reports on each student.
 Conduct clinical accompaniment of all Netcare students and nurses in the departments or units to
ensure promotion of evidence-based practises are reinforced at the bedsides.
 Conduct academic rounds.

Quality and risk management
 Maintain a therapeutic, clean, and safe environment that is free from medico-legal hazards.
 Adhere to the Netcare Resuscitation and Reanimation policy.
 Adhere to Netcare medical waste management principles and all other waste management principles.
 Maintain a safe working environment in accordance with the Machinery and Occupational Safety Act.
 Report and act upon potential/actual risks identified.
 Responsible for ensuring correct use, cleaning, and storage of equipment.
 Report equipment needing repair or replacement.
 Maintain professional conduct and standards at all times in accordance with hospital policies and
 Maintain patient and student confidentiality at all times.
 Conduct quality assurance activities and risk management.
 Ensure awareness of conditions that affect employee and student safety.
 Focus on the development of academic and clinical nursing processes to ensure quality orientation.
 Effective administration of all academic activities to ensure compliance with policies and legislation.
 Compliance with all relevant legislative requirements and standards.
 Ensuring compliance of Netcare Educations strategy and meeting the quality management systems by
ensuring completion of balance score cards annually.
 Ensuring that your hospital site is ready for any form of clinical validation at any time.

Netcare Clinical Facilitator Vacancies 2024 Qualifications:

 Proof of current registration with the South African Nursing Council (SANC) as a General Nurse and
Midwife with an additional qualification of Nursing Education qualification. Such registration should
be maintained.
 A bachelor’s degree in nursing.
 Additional qualifications in related specialties required for the specific position held by the HBAS.
 Must have A Diploma or Degree in specialized Critical Care (ICU), Trauma, Emergency and Elementary
Critical Care.
 A minimum of 3 years’ experience in an academic environment.
 Assessor unit standard successfully completed and registered with SANC and conducted through Heart
solutions as per Netcare Educations policy.
 Moderator unit standard to be successfully completed and registered with SANC within the first year of
 A master’s degree in a Clinical Specialty/ Education will be advantageous
 Commitment to commence further studies towards achieving a master’s degree within 2 (two) years
of commencement of employment at Netcare and complete qualification within the prescribed
academic period.
 Own transport and driver’s license

Work experience:-
 Experience in facilitation skills in a in the clinical/academic nursing environment
 Research literacy
 Intermediate computer proficiency in the following Microsoft Office Suite programmes – Excel, Word,
PowerPoint, searching data bases, e-mail, and internet and digital learning platforms.

Benefits of Joining NetCare:Clinical Facilitator at NetCare

  1. Competitive Salary:
    Enjoy a competitive salary package, reflective of your skills, experience, and dedication to advancing healthcare logistics.
  2. Performance-Based Incentives:
    Benefit from performance-based incentives, recognizing and rewarding your contributions to the continued success of our healthcare operations.
  3. Comprehensive Healthcare Coverage:
    Access comprehensive healthcare coverage, ensuring your well-being and providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones.
  4. Professional Development Opportunities:
    Avail yourself of opportunities for continuous professional development, staying at the forefront of advancements in healthcare logistics and expanding your skill set.

Netcare Clinical Facilitator Vacancies 2024 How to Apply:

If you are passionate about making a meaningful impact in healthcare logistics and meet the qualifications outlined above, we invite you to submit your application. Join NetCare in our commitment to excellence and innovation in patient care.

NetCare is proud to be an equal opportunity employer, fostering an inclusive and diverse workforce.

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